“During my team’s transition while our current copywriter was on maternity leave, Michelle was able to step into the role seamlessly. Her professionalism, adaptability, and timely delivery was outstanding. She quickly grasped our brand’s tone and requirements, providing thorough and quality content. Working with Michelle was a pleasure, and her contributions were invaluable during this time. I truly appreciate her easy-going nature and the quality she brought to our team and within the projects.”

Ryan L.

Brand Manager, Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty

“I couldn’t imagine not having Michelle Peters as part of the extended Rebecca Recommends team. Working with Michelle is a dream. Michelle constantly demonstrates her professional, conscientious approach to any project we have tasked her with. She is extremely efficient and positive in all aspects of her work and is very easy to communicate with. I hope that Rebecca Recommends and Eagle Eyes Editing can enjoy a successful collaboration for years to come.”

Rebecca Slater
President, Rebecca Recommends

“Michelle is one of the best copywriters in the business. She creates the kind of marketing that gets readers excited to travel (and travel again). Bonus: She is easy to work with, even on the grindiest projects. CTA: Hire Michelle and make your material sing.”

Mike Enberg
Former Managing Director, Hotel & Resort Program, Virtuoso

“Michelle is a pleasure to work with! She’s responsive, professional and never misses a deadline. She has a clear sense of the client/target audience in mind when submitting polished and interesting copy.”

Kelly Kirchner

Manager, Digital Marketing, Virtuoso

“Dear Michelle, I just read through your Tibet [e-newsletter] copy and you really did a brilliant job. It’s just beautiful, explaining the magic of Tibet – and all the caveats – in a way that will inform and benefit [travel] advisors. You have my highest praise.”

Anitra Brown
Director of Marketing, Rebecca Recommends

“Michelle Peters is a true pleasure to work with. She is both meticulous and fast, meeting tight deadlines when necessary while still delivering the highest quality of work. She is equally adept at working on travel industry collateral and consumer-focused retail materials. But it’s not just the high quality of her work that has made me return to her numerous times — it is her friendly and professional demeanor. I will continue to use Michelle and to recommend her to our clients as well with the confidence that I am getting top work at a very reasonable price.”

Catherine Courtney
Vice President, Communications and Branding, JG Black Book of Travel

“Michelle is a pleasure to work with! She’s responsive, professional and never misses a deadline. She has a clear sense of the client/target audience in mind when submitting polished and interesting copy.”

Kelly Kirchner
Manager, Digital Marketing, Virtuoso

“Dear Michelle, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all of your help with the golf direct mailer we just produced. You are such a huge asset to each piece we do together, and I really appreciate your great work and creative ability. Your level of professionalism and attention to detail makes the process so much easier! Thanks again!”

Melisa Lunt
Account Manager, Direct Marketing, Virtuoso

“Michelle creates clarity and consistency in the text and can make any prose shine in very little time. Because of her skill, reliability, and good sense, I never hesitate to call on her to write or edit for us.”

Cecile Kaufman
X-Height Studio

“I think the new Best of the Best [hotel and resort catalog] is the best we’ve ever produced. It truly sets a direction that sets us apart and is appealing to the personality of travel rather than the processing of travel. You’ve set a new standard that no doubt will continue to evolve and serve the organization in its continuous path of excellence.”

Matthew D. Upchurch
CTC, Chief Executive Officer, Virtuoso